Elena Piganova is renowned for creating beautiful spaces in which to live and relax. Over the past two decades she has designed a vast array of residential and commercial properties, both in Russia and abroad. Elena brings a professional, creative and personal approach to every project she undertakes, whether it is a home, a commercial space or a boutique hotel.

Offering a highly personalised bespoke service, she places great importance and commitment to building strong client relationships, tailoring the process to meet each client’s needs, delivering a full interior architecture, furniture design and turn-key styling service from concept through to completion. Elena`s projects combine a detail driven meticulous approach with a signature elegant style.

Elena draws inspiration from classic design and proportion, but always likes to infuse her work with a modern up to date energy. She is passionate about lighting, considering it key to any project. She produces balanced harmonious interiors that are both practical and visionary.

Elena lectures and runs workshops in interior design, writes articles, paints pictures and creates collages and seamlessly blends them with the created interiors.

Elena is passionate about Art. «Honesty and openness are the corner stones in Art let alone other fields of creativity. Our hearts are sensitive to sincerity and virtue. Home is where the heart is” – states Elena. The interior of every home is unique. Being an unparalleled reflection of the owner's identity, the interior possesses an exclusive capacity to provide a sense of well-being; harmony with yourself and the world around. I believe that the primary objective of a designer lies in the creation of a personalized interior to meet the individual needs of everyone. It is accepted that with interior design, every last detail is important.

Every item of the interior will produce associations, convey a particular feeling and create a special atmosphere. The stage on which you play the starring role depends to some extent on the choice of everything on that stage. Tastes however differ. My mission is to understand the customers and create their own personal interior design in their own individual space. As every one of us perceives beauty in their own way, I believe that there are no universal schemes, words of advice or recommendations appropriate for all of us. Also, the passage of time plays an important part: our outlook and tastes are constantly changing. It is perfectly feasible to create an elaborate interior which can easily be transformed as one’s tastes change (modern objects can be added without any fundamental alteration). Discovery, understanding and acceptance of oneself are the essence of every design concept, as the home is where the heat is.»